Making the Home Safe

You can’t totally suicide-proof a home, but you can make it a little safer

The single biggest step you can take is finding a safer way to store firearms in the home. Learn more about why firearm storage is important. But there are other ways you can make the home safe too. Read below to learn more.

What About Other Suicide Methods?

  • Pills are the most common method of attempt. Make sure pills at home can’t do serious harm:

– Get rid of meds you don’t use anymore – especially prescription pain pills.

– Just keep small amounts of necessary meds unlocked.

– Ask a pharmacist (e.g., at CVS, RiteAid) for advice on what’s a safe quantity to keep on hand.

– Lock the rest. Make sure the lock box is sturdy and the lock can’t be pried open.

– A simple steel toolbox with a sturdy padlock doesn’t cost too much (under $30).

  • If there are other suicide methods your loved one has said they might use, try to prevent access to these.
  • Some methods can’t realistically be made inaccessible at home (like all sharp objects and cords).
  • Keeping guns and dangerous meds from your loved one is a big help–but only one part of preventing suicide.

– Ask your loved one directly how you can support them.

Encourage them to seek help from professionals or others.

Take care of yourself. This is hard work! You need support too.

“We got one of those electronic pill things that spits out your daily pills. We load it up for the week and keep the rest locked. I actually think it helps her remember to take her pills. That was a bonus.”